Me, illuminated

“Do you feel that?”
“That incessant pounding?”
“Don’t be alarmed dear. It’s your heart.”

I have been fascinated by the inner workings of the universe for as long as I can remember. Too many of us glide through life without ever really feeling the beauty we exist within. We are often too distracted or too afraid to really explore the world in depth. We are numb.

“People are just people. Things are just things. I’m trying to get by – just like everyone else.”

Sometimes we forget that we are…everyone else.
Our laughter. Our pain. Our heartache. Our beauty.

Our clockwork.

Our emotions.

Our connection.

My art is an expression of the biography of our inner universe. I am a mixed media artist. My B.A. in Fine Art has provided me with some of the tools to help me portray this into something visual. My heart has provided me with the rest.

I am inspired by my interactions, observations, and experience.
There is a part of us in every portrait.

Thank you for inspiring me.

~Dawn Anderson